Fuel Prices Down in Pakistan: Relief for Consumers as Government Reduces Costs by 4.6%

Fuel Prices Down in Pakistan
Fuel Prices Down in Pakistan

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Islamabad: Pakistani consumers can breathe a sigh of relief as the government announced a 4.6% reduction in fuel prices across all categories, effective December 16th and lasting until December 31st. This welcome news comes amid falling international oil prices and a slight strengthening of the Pakistani rupee.

Fuel Prices Down in Pakistan

  • Petrol: Reduced by Rs14 per litre (4.9%) to Rs267.34 per litre.
  • High-Speed Diesel (HSD): Reduced by Rs13.50 per litre (4.65%) to Rs276.21 per litre.
  • Kerosene: Reduced by Rs10.14 per litre (5%) to Rs191.02 per litre.
  • Light Diesel Oil (LDO): Reduced by Rs11.29 per litre (6.4%) to Rs164.64 per litre.

Reasons for the Reduction:

  • International oil prices: Both HSD and petrol witnessed a decline of around 5% over the past two weeks.
  • Rupee appreciation: The Pakistani rupee experienced a slight gain against the US dollar, further contributing to the price drop.

The Ministry of Finance confirmed the revised prices based on recommendations by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. Also read Ahmed Shahzad Says Goodbye to PSL, He will not play PSL Again

Officials clarified that this reduction reflects ongoing efforts to provide relief to consumers facing inflation and economic challenges.

The government has already reached the maximum permissible limit for petroleum levy on petrol and HSD, set at Rs60 per litre. Read this 2025 Fulbright Scholarship Program: Empowering Pakistani Students

While the government aims to collect Rs869 billion as petroleum levy this fiscal year, it anticipates exceeding this target by June, potentially reaching Rs950 billion.

The fuel price reduction provides much-needed relief to Pakistani consumers, especially in light of recent economic difficulties. However, the government’s fiscal goals remain a point of consideration.

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