Onion Prices Surge in Karachi Amidst Export Pressure

Onion Prices
Onion Prices

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In Karachi, the cost of good-quality onions has skyrocketed from Rs120-140 per kg to Rs160-180 per kg within a span of two weeks. Retailers attribute this surge to massive onion exports, causing concerns among consumers who are grappling with high prices. Many have resorted to purchasing less than one kg to manage daily expenses.

Despite Commissioner Karachi issuing retail rates for new potatoes at Rs109 per kg, they are currently available at Rs120 per kg. Consumers also voice complaints about vegetable vendors selling wet onions in various areas.

Commissioner Karachi’s price lists indicate an increase in Mandi/Bachat Bazaar and retail rates for onions, reaching Rs140 and Rs160 per kg on Dec 5, compared to Rs120 and Rs138 on Dec 1. Also read Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Join as Intelligence Operator

Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market President, Haji Shahjehan, highlights the significant role of onions and potatoes in the country’s vegetable exports. While the export of potatoes is currently on hold due to new crops, onion exports, especially to Malaysia and Sri Lanka, continue.

The wholesale rates of onions are reported to be Rs5,000-5,400 per maund (export quality), translating to Rs125-135 per kg. However, retailers claim to have purchased onions at Rs160 per kg and are selling them at Rs180. Shahjehan emphasizes that the thriving onion exports, coupled with a low crop yield in Sindh and reduced arrivals from Kabul and Balochistan, are contributing to the local price pressure.

He suggests that imposing a ban on onion exports could potentially bring down prices in the domestic market. The situation underscores the delicate balance between export demands and local supply, raising concerns about the affordability of this essential kitchen staple for consumers. Also read Shan Foods Jobs Announced for all Pakistani Apply Now

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