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A staggering 500,000 desks are missing from government schools in Sindh, leaving over 1.28 million students without a proper place to learn. According to the Sindh High Court. This shocking revelation came during a recent hearing about the lack of furniture in these schools.

The High Court expressed deep concern and highlighted the severe shortage of basic facilities for students. Not only are desks missing, but the government has also failed to provide enough teachers in line with student-to-teacher ratio policies. This is despite pouring billions of rupees into the education sector, raising questions about resource allocation.

Even worse, the court learned that four million students are enrolled in government schools, not the previously reported figure of two million. Out of these, a shocking 1.28 million students don’t even have desks. This lack of basic infrastructure puts a major dent in the quality of education these students receive.

The education department, aware of the limited space in schools, assured the court it’s working on procuring the desks. However, the High Court was not convinced and issued clear instructions.

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Here’s what the court ordered:

  • Desks for all: The education department must acquire desks within six months, but it needs to do so legally and properly, following all specifications.
  • Fast-track funding: The finance department must release the necessary budget immediately to speed up the process.
  • Quality control: A committee will be formed to inspect and ensure the quality of all desks supplied, including those provided by private contractors.
  • Chief Secretary informed: The Chief Secretary will update the caretaker Chief Minister about the situation.
  • Contractor’s deadline: A private contractor has six months to replace desks as per the tender specifications.

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The Sindh High Court’s intervention shines a light on the dire state of education in Sindh. The missing desks are just one symptom of a deeper problem – a lack of commitment to providing quality education for all children. Hopefully, the court’s orders will lead to swift action and ensure that every student in Sindh has a proper place to learn, starting with a simple desk.

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