Sindh Schools Get a Boost with New Subjects and Promotions!

Sindh Schools - Intermediate Board of Karachi
Sindh Schools - Intermediate Board of Karachi

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Good news for students in Sindh! The provincial government is giving their intermediate education (Classes 11 & 12) a makeover by adding four brand new subjects:

  • Medical Technology: Dive into the exciting world of healthcare and explore cutting-edge medical tools and techniques.
  • Pre-nursing: Get a head start on your nursing journey by learning about patient care, medical ethics, and basic nursing skills.
  • Pre-pharmacy: Discover the secrets of medication and their preparation as you pave the way for a career in pharmacy.
  • Physical Education: Get active and learn about fitness, health, and the science behind the human body in motion.

These new subjects give students more choices and open doors to diverse career paths. Whether you’re passionate about healthcare, science, or staying fit, there’s something for everyone!

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In another exciting development, the government is recognizing the hard work of some dedicated individuals. Librarians and directors in the physical education sector of the College Education Department will be promoted to Grade 20, acknowledging their valuable contributions to education in Sindh.

These changes show the government’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education and supporting its educators. So, get ready, Sindh students, because your high school experience just got a whole lot more exciting! You find new jobs here

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