Afghan Refugees Leaving Pakistan Before Deadline

Afghan refugees
Afghan refugees

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A lot of Afghan people in Pakistan are going back to Afghanistan. They are scared because the Pakistani government said they had to leave by October 31st. If they don’t, they might get sent back forcefully.

This rule is for people who came to Pakistan without permission. The government worries about safety because many foreigners, especially Afghans, live in Pakistan. Most of them came here in the 1980s when there was a war in Afghanistan.

After the Taliban took control in 2021, even more Afghans came to Pakistan. The government says about 1.7 million of them don’t have proper documents. Read this IMF to visit Pakistan in November

In the past month, around 100,000 Afghan people left Pakistan and went home. They did this on their own, without being forced, from two border points: Torkham and Chaman. They want to go back before the deadline ends.”

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