Buy Honda CD 70 Black Color Bike on Easy Installments Plans of Meezan Bank

Honda CG 70 Black Color
Honda CG 70 Black Color

Explore the Honda CD 70 Black Color Bike: Affordable Elegance and Efficiency. If you’re in the market for a motorcycle that combines an appealing design with a fuel-efficient, smoke-free 4-Stroke engine, the Honda CD 70 is a top choice from the renowned Japanese manufacturer.

If you are willing to buy a New Honda CD 70 bike With Easy Installment Plans of Meezan Bank then read the all details below. Go Meezan Bank website for further information regarding the installments plans.

Honda CD 70 Black Color Features

  • Design: The Honda CD 70 boasts an attractive design, making it a stylish choice for riders.
  • Engine: Powered by a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly 4-Stroke engine.Variety of Colors: Available in three captivating colors: Red, Black, and Blue.
  • Pricing: The latest price for the Honda CD 70 2024 in Black is Rs157,900.- The price remains the same for all other color options.

Easy Installment Plans with Meezan Bank: Meezan Bank introduces Apni Bike Financing, a Shariah-compliant financing solution. Also read United Motorcycles Latest Price January 2024

The financing model, based on Musawammah, allows the bank to purchase the vehicle from the market and sell it to the customer through easy monthly installments. Customers can opt for installment plans spanning up to three years.

Note: Dive into the world of affordability, elegance, and eco-friendly commuting with the Honda CD 70 – a motorcycle that stands out in both design and efficiency.

Honda CD 70 Black Color Bike


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