Chandrayaan-3 A Successful Story – Everything You Need to Know


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In the history, Chandrayaan-3 successfully land on the South Pole of Lunar Surface. India create a history by launching Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, and also India is first country to lunch it on the moon.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated to all Indians and Space Scientist on successful launching, further said that it is remembering day forever in history.

Vikram LM take charges and use the on the board computers to know spot and make easy landing on the South Pole lunar Surface. According to the experts, last 15–20 minutes were very important for achievement when Chandaryaan-‘s lander Vikram down its soft-landing.


India is the fourth country who is successfully reached at the Moon, it is the major part in history. It is the real landing on the moon, India has shared a proof of landing on ISRO Official Twitter account. Some people are creating memes, funny content, but the huge number of people support India on this achievement.

India has finally landed on the moon, the World eyes on the India achievement, such an amazing achievement by India. If you watch Indian media, you will know well and real information of Chandrayaan 3.

Excluding India media, Pakistan and globe media also support and break the news about the Chandrayaan 3 and disclose reality and facts of this achievement. Geo News TV Program “Geo Pakistan” anchors has report about Chandaryaan 3 and its achievement and also pointed that our neighbourhood country has got success, and we couldn’t that in 75 years.

Anchors more said that We are there where we were in 75 years before, India reached on the moon, but we only fight each other and doesn’t focus on this progress, we should to do that as India done in history. Indian peoples and media are now happy after the statement of the Pakistani anchors.

If you visit the official X account of Indian Research Space Organization’s (IRSO) account, you will find all the information of the space mission. It is the efforts of IRSO Team, Indian government and peoples of India highly appreciate their hard work on this achievement.

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In the history, it will be remembered forever that India is a 4th country who have got success to land on the South Pole of Lunar Space on the Moon. There are the efforts and the hard work of Indian Space scientists who worked for this mission, and now they are all happy on the achievements.

Neighbourhood of India’s Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh are thinking on this achievement of India, it is a motivation and the lesson for these to reach at moon is not difficult. If India does, why other countries can not? Absolutely every country has ability and his resources to get achievement and come in the list of the countries in this field.

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