China Flood Update: 21People dies and 27 are missing

China Flood Update
China Flood Update

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China Flood Updates share with you, latest news regarding China flood that the 744.8 mm of rainfall were record in Changping according to the meteorological authorities. It is the heaviest rainfall in 140-years in China, it recorded between Saturday and Sunday morning in Beijing.

Heavy storm rained around the Capital Beijing and hit the southern side of Fujina province in the last week, rescue teams are dispatched to the flood effected cities according to the authorities. In the emergency, all steps took and move rescue team to Zhuozhou, the Zhuozhou is south side of Beijing, and it is 60-km away from Capital.

According to the state media report that many peoples evacuated and there are 20 peoples died and 27 are missing. President of China has order to the state authorities to save peoples and move survivors to safe place.

More than 134,000 people affected according to news report, due to the Confluence of several rivers, floodwaters hit the Zhuozhou city, waterlogging areas affected nearly 650 hectares of agriculture land.

A report by Global Newspaper, according to the report that the water was flowing from Capital to Zhuozhou into three rivers.

An online book store website warehouse affected by flood, they said on WeChat that our four-million books are stored in warehouse and our staff is waiting for rescue team at fourth floor.

The water from several rivers come around the Zhuozhou city, peoples are rising voice where rescue team cannot reach yet said by a citizen.

With the latest updates, 21 deaths were reported in China. The previous storm, the city received 600 mm rain in 1998 according to the officials.

The Typhoon Duksori demage the state and the near areas of the Capital, according to the reports that 29.3 inches (744.8 millimetre) rain between two days Saturday and Sunday.

It can not say that how many cities and villages are affected by Typhoon Duksori, but we update you according to the official reports.

Rescue team head told that “we have evacuated many peoples to safe place and further we are trying every second and every minute to save peoples”.

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All rescue teams are continuously working and moving peoples to the other place from flood affected areas, in the Hebei province, there are 850,000 peoples replace to other areas said Hebei province officials.

Director of the Institute of the Public and Environmental Affairs Ma Jun said in a report that “we need to do not build large-scale buildings in low-lying areas and more said that in the last year the rainfall received 500 mm 19.6 inches.

The Typhoon Duksori hit the Japan after the China on Wednesday, The government announced $6.1 million relief fund for flood affected peoples.

In flood affected area, schools, and other government sectors has been closed and some of these are underwater. The Capital Beijing, usually dry in Summer season, it has breaking record this year.

China government start taking steps to save the life of flood affected peoples and provide them facilities and other steps which will take in future. Until rescue teams and other resources are available, and they are continuously work and find missing peoples.

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