Daughter of Tamil Actor “Vijay Antony” found dead at home

Vijay Antony
Vijay Antony

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Today’s latest update, daughter of Tamil Actor “Vijay Antony” found dead at home. The incident happened on 19tg september 2023, his 16-years daughter found dead at home.

She found in hanging condition at home, this is not a natural death according to news source. She continues his education in 12th class at Local Private school.

Furthermore, authorities said that case has been registered and investigation is on.

Her death news confirmed by Manobala Vijaybalan who is a Film Trade Analyst. On his Tweeter account number he has posted a tweet and write that “Actor & Music Director Vijay Anthony’s daughter Meera has committed suicide at her home.”

Few month earlier, mother of Meera tweet about his performance in School. She wrote that “March of this year, Meera selected as Cultural Secretary of her school association.

We all congratulated her on that day, she added more that Meera was our world and we can’t imagine this scene. The death news of Meera come out via Twitter.

This was shocking news for Meera’s family, there is no any reason of her alleged suicide. Entire Family feels very sad and Meera was princes of the Family.

But in fact that Meera was getting treatment due to under pressure, and then he was found at Chennai resident. After taking the body to hospital, death was declared by doctors.

According to the house helper, she was found hanging around 3:00am. His death declared at the city Hospital,

Who is Vijay Antony?

Vijay Antony is a public name, but his complete name is Frances Antony Cyril Raja. He was born on 24th July 1995 in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District. He is known as Music Composer, Playback Singer, Lyricist, Film Editor, Actor, Audio Engineer.

A short introduce about Vijay’s career, he has acted first role in “Naan” which was crime thriller, the next action thriller he has worked in “Salim” as an actor and music director. In 2015, he worked in India Pakistan comedy, but unfortunately it could not get success.

In 2016, he worked with Director Sasi in “Pichaikkaran” its overall collection was near to 40 crore. His bigger successful film “Telugu dub Bichagadu“, his another film “Saithan”directed by Pardeep Kirshnamurthy.

Recent News

If you see list of famous songs of Vijay Antony he is famous by his best songs, you will see a list of his songs below:

  • Saathikadi in 2005
  • Dailamo & Bhoomikku in 2006
  • Machakani & Kaakha Kaakha in 2008
  • Menaa Minukki & Kannivedi in 2009
  • Mere Priya & Allah in 2009
  • Aathichudi in 2009

He has played worked in 23 films, Ratham, TN 07 AL 4777, India Pakistan, Salim, Naan, Mupparimanam, Kaali, Traffic Ramasamy, Saithan. He has played different roles, like Lecturer, Advocate, Doctor, Inspector, IPS Officer and other.

Furthermore, he was editor of four films in Annadurai in 2017, Kodiyil Oruvan in 2021, Thimiru Pudichavan in 2018, Pichaikkaran 2023. He has played as Music director role for several films, his fans can not forget him and his work is very appreciable for film industry.

Having various professional skills is not very easy, but Vijay Antony has skills in Music Director, Actor, Editor and relevant skills which are necessary in film industry.

Vijay Antony is famous by directing music, actor, this incident has depressed him which was not possible. If you want to read this type of detailed news stories, then get in touch to get latest news updates, politics news, entertainment news, sports news, health updates, education updates and much more.

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