Google Messages May Soon Let You Edit Texts Like WhatsApp and iMessage

Google Messages
Google Messages

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Heads up, Google Messages users! The popular messaging app might soon let you edit sent messages, just like WhatsApp and iMessage.

This potential update was discovered by TheSPAndroid, who spotted hidden code in a beta version of the app hinting at the edit feature. ️

Four new flags were added, suggesting the groundwork for editing functionality:

However, these flags are currently inactive, meaning the feature is still under development. Also read Asad Shafiq Farewell to the Cricket

While Google Messages has recently added features like end-to-end encryption, the edit option isn’t a surprise for many users.

Details like time limits for editing, similar to iMessage’s 2 minutes and WhatsApp’s 15 minutes, remain unclear.

Additionally, it’s unknown whether the edit history will be visible to recipients, unlike the deletion feature offered by iMessage and WhatsApp.

Stay tuned for further updates! Google is yet to officially announce the edit feature, so it might be a while before it’s available for everyone.

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