Hackers Target Ministry of Aviation Website in Dual Cyberattacks

Ministry of Aviation Website
Ministry of Aviation Website

Hackers Target Ministry of Aviation Website in Dual CyberattacksIn a concerning turn of events, the Ministry of Aviation’s website faced not one but two cyberattacks, raising serious questions about the existing cybersecurity measures.

The initial breach resulted in a foreign-language message briefly taking over the site, promptly restored by the IT department. However, hackers struck again, exploiting vulnerabilities before IT regained control.This incident adds to a series of government website breaches, including the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s site earlier this year, where hackers humorously announced a ‘spring sale.’

The Pakistan Railways website has also been a recurrent target, underscoring a persistent issue with cybersecurity in government Institutions. Unprecedented Medical Milestone: World’s First Successful Whole Eye Transplant

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) Responds

Addressing concerns, NTC’s Faisal Imtiaz refuted media reports, denying a security breach in the Aviation Ministry’s website. Imtiaz clarified that the site’s security remains intact and attributed the confusion to the addition of a captcha.

According to Imtiaz, the website employs multilayer security, with the captcha differentiating between bots and humans, a standard security procedure. The captcha presented users with Chinese text, translating to a message about potential automatic access requests, not a foreign hacking attempt.

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, these incidents highlight the ongoing challenges faced by government entities in safeguarding their digital infrastructure. Read this 3,500 Schools Closed in Balochistan Due to Shortage of Teachers


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