Hajj 2024 Costs Announced: Government Scheme Unveils Historic Price Reduction

Hajj 2024
Hajj 2024

In a landmark move, the caretaker Religious Affairs Minister, Aneeq Ahmed, has unveiled the Hajj Policy 2024, bringing with it a remarkable cost reduction for pilgrims embarking on the holy pilgrimage in 2024.

Under the government quota, Hajj 2024 will cost Rs. 1.075 million, marking the first time in Pakistan’s history that the Hajj pilgrimage will be cheaper the following year compared to the previous one. Read this HEC to Launch New Scholarship Program for Technical and Scientific Subjects

Key Highlights Policy of Hajj 2024

  • Historic Cost Reduction: The government quota for Hajj 2024 stands at Rs. 1.075 million, a significant reduction from the Rs. 11.75 million cost for Hajj 2023 under the government scheme.
  • Sponsorship Quota Returns: Unused slots in both government and private Hajj schemes will be returned to the Saudi Arabian government, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.
  • Enhanced Financial Monitoring: A comprehensive monitoring system for the financial management of Hajj organizers will be implemented in accordance with Saudi government regulations.
  • Age Flexibility for Minors: The new Hajj policy allows individuals under the age of 10 to fulfill the pilgrimage obligation, opening the door for younger generations to experience this sacred journey.
  • Private Hajj Scheme Flexibility: Private Hajj organizers will now have flexibility regarding the condition of providing service personnel for individuals over 80 years old.
  • Local Assistance Agreement: Hajj organizers must enter into an agreement with the pilgrim, ensuring the provision of local assistance services during their stay in Saudi Arabia. This clause will be incorporated into the service provision contracts, and any violation may lead to penalties and blacklisting of the Hajj organizer.
  • Hardship Category Quota Reduction: The Federal Cabinet has approved a reduction in the quota for the Hardship Category in Hajj.
  • Local Assistants for Pakistani Students: Fifty percent of the quota for local assistants will be reserved for Pakistani students studying in Saudi Arabian universities. These students will be appointed as welfare staff.

The Hajj Policy 2024 marks a significant step towards making the holy pilgrimage more accessible and affordable for Pakistani Muslims. The policy’s focus on cost reduction, transparency, and enhanced pilgrim welfare demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and fulfilling Hajj experience for all.

Hajj 2024


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