Massive Wheat Theft Uncovered in Sindh, Billions of Rupees Lost

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The Sindh Audit Department has disclosed irregularities exceeding Rs. 12 billion in the Food Department, indicating potential corruption in wheat procurement, sales, and storage. The report exposes mismanagement and theft of wheat amounting to billions of rupees in 12 districts of Sindh.

Moreover, a wheat deficit of two billion rupees was identified across these districts, with a specific case of a Rs. 3 million corruption accusation against a food inspector in Khairpur district. Read this Pakistan’s IT Minister Unveils Official Launch Date for 5G Technology

Wheat Theft Uncovered in Sindh

Outdoor wheat storage led to damages totaling Rs. 7.5 billion, emphasizing negligence in fumigation for Rs. 7,762.258 million worth of wheat stored in various locations, contributing to preventable losses. Failure to promptly remove wheat stock resulted in an additional loss of Rs. 1 billion, and shockingly, a food inspector in Matiari is implicated in a Rs. 1 billion worth of wheat loss.

The Sindh Food Department also incurred a Rs. 50 million loss related to the purchase and transportation of bandanas.The audit report brings to light wheat theft amounting to Rs. 2 billion in Ghotki and Larkana. Also read Onion Prices Surge in Karachi Amidst Export Pressure

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