New War Between Israel & Palestine

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A new war between Israel & Palestine. Many citizens and soldiers of both countries have been killed, the Israeli Prime Minister declared war.

According to Israeli media, The Palestinian military organization Hamas has fired 5,000 rockets at Israel, destroyed many Israeli military bases, and the news of the deaths of many Israeli soldiers is coming.

On the other hand, the Israeli Prime Minister has declared war, the Israeli authorities have appealed to their citizens to stay at home to deal with the emergency situation in the country.

The Israeli newspaper “Haretz” has said that dozens of Israelis were killed and hundreds injured in the surprise attacks by Hamas, while countless Israelis were taken hostage. Meanwhile, after the sudden attack by Hamas, the border base has been evacuated by the Israeli army.

A new war between Israel & Palestine

Hamas has dubbed its three-pronged operation in Israel “Operation al-Aqsa Flood” while the Israeli military has retaliated by launching airstrikes on Gaza.

According to the Palestinian media so far, 20 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks, and the building of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza has also been destroyed by the attacks of the Israeli army.

It should be noted that today’s attack on Israel by Hamas is the most terrible attack in the history of Israel, in which it is claimed that 5 thousand rockets were fired, so the Israeli army, air force and intelligence agencies stopped the attack and took full retaliatory action. It has entered the field.

Hizbullah mujahideen from the Gaza border are entering Gaza – The second option in the “Aqsa Storm” operation has been launched – More troops are being deployed in the retaken areas – The Palestinians have a plan for this operation. There are five layers.

The official statement of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that: Saudi Arabia holds Israel responsible for what happened due to its repeated provocations and deprivation of Palestinian rights.

A new war between Israel & Palestine

Israel says that Palestine alone cannot defeat our intelligence – Turkish intelligence, including Iran and Hezbollah, is helping them. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s first statement since the attack on Israel continues: “We have every right to defend ourselves against Israel and settler terrorism.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke earlier today with French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.Both leaders expressed full support for Israel’s right to defend itself. US President Joe Biden called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and emphasized that the US stands alongside Israel and fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense.

A new war between Israel & Palestine

Fatah Erbakan, a political ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, supported Hamas, saying that Israel only understands the language of force. He said that Turkish President Erdoğan and the Turkish government are on the same page with him.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry says: We hold Israel responsible for the ongoing tension due to violations of the rights of the Palestinian people. Among them are the recent attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque

A new war between Israel & Palestine

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