PM of Pakistan Invites Turkey to Join CPEC

PM of Pakistan
PM of Pakistan

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PM of Pakistan Shehbaz Shareef again invites Japan to be part of CPEC, the ceremony of fourth Milgem Class corvette at Karachi was addressed where Turkey’s vice president Cevdet Yilmaz were present.

PM of Pakistan

On Wednesday Karachi, PM Pakistan has again opened the door for the Turkey to join CPEC Project. A month before, PM had proposed a “Trilateral Arrangement” between Pak, China and Turkey”.

In the November last year, PM Shehbaz Sharif has invited Turkey to reduce the poverty, create opportunities, prosperity and improve health system in Pakistan, read dawn report.

PM Shehbaz Sharif said that I invite one again to join this CPEC Project, and he added more that relations between Pakistan and Turkey are historic and deep-rooted.

PM said during his speech that this is one of the best way to increase economy, create more job opportunities, improve health system and CPEC is a project between Pakistan and China in this Turkey is a natural Partner.

Prime Minster of Pakistan said that Turkey helped Pakistan when the entire country affected due to heavy flood, more added that it was timely and valuable help.

PM of Pakistan and Turkey President During Ceremony in Karachi

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was established in 2013 to link china with Asia, and the project continue yet, and it is a more beneficial for Pakistan as well as for China to boost their economy.

Regarding this, China has stared multiple projects in Pakistan, Like Thar Coal Projects and many more. Pakistan and China working together as friend and their friendship since many years.

Nowadays, Pakistan face economical challenges due to the increasing price of goods, petrol, diesel and other thing. People are facing very difficulties due to unemployment and haven’t any income source to manage their expenses.

If you look at the 5-6 month back, you will understand the scenario of Pakistan economy, where it was to stand and what is happening now? All of these questions circulating in every people of Pakistan.

After the end of PTI Government, PDM government claim that our government will make strong and positive economy of Pakistan, but unfortunately that was only sentence which just impress the peoples and the positive effect of economy doesn’t see yet.

The PDM government will end on this month on 14th August 2023, the new date of election will announce after authorities decision. The government started selecting candidates for caretaker government until the election.

Here’s another interesting Turing point in Pakistan politics, the Supreme Court hears the Tosha Khana case of Former PM Imran Khan there may be a chance that Imran Khan will disqualify temporary or permanently from politics, let’s see in upcoming days.

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Major decisions will come out in upcoming days, according to the local news. But right now we move to the economic situation of Pakistan which is important for Pakistan to manage it and give relief to the Pakistani peoples who are facing very difficult situation yet.

Recently, Ishaq Dar announced new petrol and diesel prices which are increase Rs.20 per litr. In the beginning, Ishaq Dar told that I can control to decrease the Petrol & Diesel prices, but unfortunately it was out of control and Ishaq Dar also told that we will hold the price of US Dollar, but it was not happened.

Now, the US Dollar price is about Rs.286 which is on same position since several months, in the past few months US Dollar highly increased but not decrease yet. Due to IMF difficult policies, Pakistan couldn’t achieve the required target and now IMF implemented new policies and these policies will be main cause of price increasing of goods, petrol and diesel in Pakistan.

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