September 2023: Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan

Today's gold rate in Pakistan
Today's gold rate in Pakistan

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Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan, you need to know everything about the latest gold rate in Pakistan, every day gold rate, petrol price, silver price and more details you will know in this article.

Today’s gold rate in Pakistan of single tola 24-karat price rate is 222,400 on Thursday, 7th Sept 2023. As you know high prices of gold rate, 22k per tola gold rate is Rs.203,775 in Karachi market.

If we see international market rate of gold which is 24k ounce gold rate is $122, if we convert in PKR it is equal to Rs. 588,977/. This is rate of International market according to local source.

Do you know gold price in different cities of Pakistan? Generally, gold rate remain same in every city of Pakistan. There is no different in gold rate in Pakistan, doesn’t matter where from you belong.

Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan

City22K Per Tola Rate
PeshawarRs. 222,300/-
IslamabadRs. 222,300/-
KarachiRs. 222,300/-
MultanRs. 222,300/-

In the above table, you can read the latest gold rate in Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Islamabad. You should to keep in mind that gold rate always change, and it depends on international market and currency.

You know well that nowadays, US dollar price is going too high and in this condition all prices of gold, silver, petrol and other goods increase. PKR loses its value against US dollar, which is not a beneficial for the economy of Pakistan.

Petrol & Diesel Prices

You know that recently, Pakistan government has increased prices of Petrol & Diesel in the first week of this month. Latest petrol & diesel prices are, Petrol Rs. 305.36 per litre and Diesel Rs. 311.84 per litre. This is a new price after increasing in the first week of this month.

You know very well that petrol and diesel prices has been increased since Imran Khan government came in power, so that time all prices of petrol, diesel, CNG, Electricity unit price, goods, medicine even food prices increased.

Still now, prices are out of control, previous government couldn’t do good for nation, and gone fail to give benefits to nations. Now caretaker government is in charge until election, what this government will do best for the nation let’s see.

Electricity Unit Price

Huge bills issued to low electricity consumers, in entire Pakistan large amount of bill issued to those who are had only few sources of electricity consumption, but consumer get high bills.

If you want to know electricity unit price per unit than you can read that how much consumer can pay according to his unit consumption. For houshold, 1 Unit price is Rs. 13.080 and Business Kwh Rs. 41.90.

Recent Updates

With recent latest update, fixed prices of electricity units are given below table. You can check below table and check your unit consumption ratio.

01 – 50Rs. 4.81
01 – 100Rs. 7.87
101 – 200Rs. 10.54
201 – 300Rs. 12.89
301 – 700Rs. 21.88
Above than 700Rs. 24.93
For Household

Above table shows the number of units instead of price, you can imagine here that how unit price calculated per unit. Above unit price for household, you will see a table below, in this table unit and price are charges for commercial connections.

Unit price for Commercial Connections

UnitPrice per Unit
Less than (5kw) consumptionRs. 21.80/-
Above than (5kw) consumptionRs. 25.26/-
Unit price for Commercial Connections

All important information and updates you have read in this article, if you want to get daily news updates then you can get in touch on social media to get latest news updates every time.

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