Sindh Medical Colleges and Universities Propose Up to 50% Fee Hike

The medical colleges and universities in Sindh have proposed a significant increase of up to 50% in the fees of students for the next academic session. The suggestion to increase the fees was put forward during a meeting chaired by the Caretaker Health Minister Dr Saad Niaz on Tuesday.

Reasons for the Proposed Fee Hike

The representatives of the medical colleges and universities demanded a 50% increase in the admission and academic session fees due to inflation. They stated that the current fee structure is not enough to cover the operational costs of the institutions.

The caretaker minister heard their suggestion and ordered the concerned official to move a summary in this regard for the approval of the provincial cabinet. Also read Chinese Government Scholarship Program (CGSP) 2024-25 for Pakistani and AJK Nationals

Other Decisions Made at the Meeting

The meeting also reviewed preparations for the upcoming Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). It was decided to strictly deal with students who are caught cheating during the exam.

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) would be approached and a ban of one-year would be suggested for such students. The representatives of the medical institutions were given one week to submit a draft of the admission prospectus.

How This Will Affect Students

A significant increase in the fees of medical colleges and universities in Sindh will put a financial burden on students and their families. This could make it difficult for students from low-income backgrounds to pursue a medical education.

Next Steps

The provincial cabinet will review the proposal to increase the fees and make a decision in this regard. The PMDC will also be consulted on the proposed ban on students who are caught cheating during the MDCAT. Read this Babar Azam Resigns as Pakistan Captain in All Formats Following World Cup Disappointment


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