Tharparkar News: Karoonjhar granite extraction auction cancel by Sindh Govt

Karoonjhar Mountain
Karoonjhar Mountain - Image Source "Karoonjhar Photography Facebook Page"

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Tharparkar News: Tender published in various newspapers for Karoojhar granite extraction auction, Sindh government cancel granite extraction auction tender. On Monday, Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon told to journalists that Karoonjhar Granite auction cancel by Sindh Govt because those plans which are against people’s Aspirations can not be support.

The Director General of Mines and minerals Development cancelled open grant of Karoonjhar granite, PPP MNA Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani conveyed to CM Sindh about auction of Karoonjhar granite in addition to Arbab Latufallah, Surendar Valasai and DC Tharparkar Lal Dino Mangi wrote letter to the authorities concern issue.

It is a history, beauty and rich culture of Tharparkar which should not extract they said. After publishing of the advertisement, peoples become anger and started a trend on social media platform to protect the Karoonjhar Mountain.

Local residents, politician and senior leadership of Tharparkar is on the one page to protect the Karoonjhar Mountain, after the social and political pressure the auctions notification cancelled by The Director General of Mines and minerals Development.

Advertisement for Auction Published Despite the Court Order

Karoojhar Mountain’s extractions is continuing since may years, in December 2021, the court has given a decision despite it the advertisement is published for Karoojhar Mountain auction.

The court banned FWO to extraction of Granite, in previous decision court said that it is basic right of Nagarparkar residents, and it can not be left at the mercy of oppressors.

More said that Karoonjhar is history, beauty, culture, identification and provides agricultural resources and its extractions can not accept.

Nawab Shabbir Bijarani Minister of Mines and Minerals development defend the decision of his department through the social and get criticised to talk in the favour of Karoonjhar Mountain’s extractions.

Karoonjhar Mountain

A Short History of Karoonjhar Mountain

Karoonjhar is called “Paradise of Wildlife” it contains 8300 sq Km including sea and land areas, with the blessing of God there are many lakes and ponds are in this area where rare birds come.

If you read the history of Karoonjhar, you will find amazing facts, real heroes characters and culture history. There are various Hindu Temples are in this area, like, Sardharo, Choryo Mandar, Jen Temple and other historical places which are absolutely beauty of Nagarparkar.

A fair also held in Choryo Mandar every year, which is nearest to the Pak-Indo Border. There are various beneficial things are obtained from Karoonjhar Mountain like, Honey, woods, herbs.

“Save Karoonjhar” Trending on Twitter

After publishing of the Karoonjhar Extraction Tender, the hashtag is on top of the trend on Twitter and Facebook including famous poets, writer, and celebrities share views and support to protect the Karoonjhar.

Local peoples support via this trend, regarding this Junior Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto shared his views and said that I never visited a place like Karoojnhar.

Peoples from entire Pakistan comes to Nagarparkar every year and visit historical places, which is very beneficial for the local peoples and for economy of Nagarparkar.

You can take pictures and shot videos of the beauty of Karoonjhar, there are various natural lakes are continuously in junking. If you read the history of Tharparkar, you will find such an amazing and real facts which you may not imagine before.

In the history of Tharparkar, there are old places shows that how many years has been gone and who was the king who live here and how they died, and leave these places.

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