The hanging body of a laborer was found in Thar Coal Block 2 

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The body of 27-year-old Gordhan son of Chanu Meghwar, a resident of Dharam village in the suburbs of Islamkot, was found hanging from a tree near the labor camp of TEC Company. was removed from the tree and placed in the company’s private clinic.

Thar Coal Block 2 - Dead body found hanged in a tree
Dead body found hanged in a tree

From 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, the dead body was lying there for 8 consecutive hours, due to which the local laborers who were working there tried to see the dead body of the laborer, but the security personnel and officers of the company stopped them and warned everyone.  That even if anyone has taken pictures and videos of the dead body, delete them.  Do not take the matter further otherwise you all will be blacklisted by the company.

The administration stopped the father and brothers at the main gate and did not allow them to enter, due to which the father of the deceased boy continued to protest at the gate.  The body was sent to Civil Hospital Islamkot.  However, the relatives standing at the gate tried to stop the ambulance, but the driver ignored them and left without stopping the ambulance.  Later, the relatives of the young man reached the hospital in a hired rickshaw, 25 kilometers away.

People are protesting at Prss Club Islamkot
People are protesting at Prss Club Islamkot

After which the relatives of the dec eased refused to take the body out of the ambulance because no responsible official of the Habco company came with the body.  And started protesting against the negligence of the company.  In this regard, the driver said that I tried to take the body to the hospital but the relatives stopped me and strongly objected saying that they will not allow the body to be taken to the hospital until an official comes here.

A tense situation arose in the hospital due to the above issue, on this occasion, the father of the young man Chanu Meghwar and brother Ramesh Meghwar protested in front of the journalists and said that: The deceased youth left home 4 days ago to work in the Gordhan Habco Company.  came out  He had previously worked in the said company but was fired by the management some time ago

Islamkot Civil Hospital
Islamkot Civil Hospital

None of the company executives saw fit to report the incident to us.  The youth’s father further said that there was no domestic problem with his son.  He was happy to get a job in the company, how can he commit suicide in the company for no reason?  We do not believe.  This incident looks like a murder to us and a detailed investigation should be conducted.

The relatives of the young man further said that it is completely unfair that the young man was sent to the ambulance as an abandoned body, justice should be done to us after a complete investigation of the incident. According to Islamkot Police, the company management has declared the incident of the young man as suicide, we have also taken pictures, the investigation regarding the incident of the young man is ongoing, however the company should negotiate with the protesters.

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