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Top 6th Strongest Economies in the World
Top 6th Strongest Economies in the World

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Top 6th Strongest Economies in the World which are considered as richest countries of World, here’s list of Top 6th countries list which has the strongest economy in the World, everything you need to about it.

The economy plays an important role for a country, if a country is rich then it has the great GDP value. The Economy depends on GDP, if it decreases then it will bring economical crises, if it gains profit then it will be more beneficial for the country.

So today, in this article we will discuss on What is GDP, Top 6th richest countries, why GDP is important for a country? Everything you can read here.

In the first, we will discuss on GPD topic, cover all points, importance and GDP role in a country, how it can be increase and how a country can get benefits?

What is GDP?

GDP stand for Gross Domestic Product, which means to measure the total value of Products, Goods in the country in specific time, e.g. one year or two GDP ratios.

You can see GDP in different shapes, if you sell cars, bike, mobile phone, cloth, goods, food which are made by the same country then it will more beneficial for the same country where these are made, it helps country’s GDP to grow fast.

You can say that GDP is a backbone for a country, so every country always tries to be strong in GDP. If you search on internet, top 10 strongest countries in 2021 you will find “United States, Japan, China, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada & Brazil according to the Wikipedia.

Top 6th Strongest Economies in the World
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No.1 United States

According to the latest ranking, the World’s first strongest economy country is “United States”. According to the International Monitory Fund (IMF) that United States has estimated $26,854,599 GDP in 2023, according to the World Bank US has estimated $25,462,700 in 2022, you can get more information through the several sources.

US is No.1 strongest country by GDP in the World, there are many other countries which are in the top 10 counties list expect Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

No.2 China

The second World’s strongest economy country is China, which has estimated in 2023 is $19,373,586 according to the IMF. It provides goods, and many more things like mobile phones, laptops, and more to all the world.

China provides all things & goods specially to Pakistan and other brother countries, China makes a lot of Technical and Non-Technical things and provides it to entire World to boost their GDP.

No.3 Japan

The 3rd largest country in economy is Japan with total estimate $4,409,738 in 2023 according to the IMF. Japan has strong GDP and exports all goods, cars, bikes and many more to entire world.

Japan is the largest continent in the world by area and population, and it is a fact that it covers 30% of land on earth. Europe connects with Asia and Africa continent border.

No.4 Germany

You know well about Germany, it is 4th largest country by economy. Its estimate of GDP is $4,308,854 in 2023 according to the IMF. According to the Wikipedia, India is a third-largest Purchasing Power Party (PPP) in the world.

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No.5 India

India’s GDP estimate is $3,736,882 according to the IMF in 2023 where brother countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has low GDP ratio. According to the Wikipedia, Bangladesh is on 37 in GDP rank, Pakistan 42 and Sri Lanka 83.

No. 6 United Kingdom

United Kingdom (UK) is the country of Europe continent which has $3,158,938 GDP estimates according to the IMF in 2023. UK is 10th PPP (Purchasing Power Part in the World.

That’s all about 6th strongest country by economy in the world with its GDP ratio and world rank. Stay tuned here for more interesting articles.

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