Convert USD to PKR, Gold Price & Rupee Value Gain against US Dollar

Convert USD to PKR
Convert USD to PKR

Convert USD to PKR rate, if you look at the US Dollar price which highly increase in past 5-6 past months. For Pakistan, it is very challenging to control on US Dollar price and give value to Rupee in International market.

On 5th August 2023, the US Dollar rate is 281.34 according to the Google, if you learn different between Open Market and Interbank you will know the all strategies that how Dollar trade and what is US Dollar exchange process.

In the today’s exchange market, the USD rate in Pakistan is 290 where in the Interbank rate is 286.47 according to the Hamariweb. US Dollar rate increase and decrease daily, due to USD increment, all things purchase and sell on its price.

Pakistan import goods, gold, food and other goods from other countries in USD, when the currency change in PKR the goods and all things rate decided on that time and then all goods etc imported completely in Pakistan after this if US Dollar price increase all traders and dealers will increase price according to the US rate.

As well as Gold, Silver, Petrol & Diesel prices likely increase according to its trading in International market. You will find below the today’s gold, silver price in Pakistan.

Convert USD to PKR

If you convert USD to PKR rate, then you find, $1=281.34 US Dollar price in Pakistan on 5th August 2023. It is very easy to convert the US Dollar rate into PKR.

If you receive the USD from other countries like you are a freelancer, blogger, so USD Earning will be converted according to the Currency Exchange Pakistan which is 290 on today.

As you know that Pakistan facing economical crises in Past few years due to high prices in US Dollar, so every day Pakistan face economical crises and trying to not be default country.

Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan

Today’s Gold Rate are different as usually, according to the report of daily Pakistan, 24-karat gold price in Pakistan is Rs.221,500 whereas 10 gram 24k gold is of Rs.189,900 and 22-karat gold price is 202-307 on Saturday 5th August 2023.

Note that the gold prices never remain same, it depends on the International market and traders. Absolutely you find a Gold price list below of all cities of Pakistan, the gold price is same in every city in Pakistan.

City NameGold PriceSilver Price
Gold & Silver Price Table

Above-mentioned price of Gold & Silver will not remain same in future, it changes daily basis according to market rate.

According to the today’s USD rate, Rupee gain value against US Dollar in International market. But unfortunately, USD jump to high rate quickly which is more effect on economy of Pakistan. US Dollar is growing every day if government can not controll on it then all goods, petrol, diesel and other essential item prices goes uo and it will be more challeengable for lower class as well as middle class peopels.

On 14th August 2023 current government will end, and the caretaker government will take charges. According to the news source, the election commission haven’t announced election date yet. After election date, the election will be on a given date.

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