Activate Now ‘Google Messages Disappearing’ Settings on Android Phone

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Ever dream of sending encrypted messages that vanish like a ninja in the night? Google Messages makes it reality with its disappearing messages feature. Read this Is Easypaisa Safe After Telenor’s Exit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ditch the worry of screenshots and prying eyes, and unlock a world of secret chats and playful pokes. Here’s your ultimate guide to mastering disappearing messages in Google Messages:

Ready to cast your messaging spell?

  1. Open the Mystic Portal: Launch Google Messages and choose the conversation destined for secrecy.
  2. Unleash the Hidden Menu: In the chat’s corner, tap the “+” symbol and unlock the gateway to vanishing texts.
  3. Whisper the Activation Words: Select “Turn on disappearing messages” and watch the magic unfold.
  4. 4. Choose Your Disappearing Destiny: Decide how long your message lingers before evaporating – 1 hour, 24 hours, or a full 7 days!
  5. Craft Your Secret Missive: Compose your message like usual, but remember, every word holds fleeting power.
  6. Send with Stealth: Hit the “Send” button, and witness your message appear – with a timer ticking down its lifespan.

Behold the Vanishing Act: Your recipient will see the message plain and clear, but just like a sandcastle by the sea, it will wash away after the chosen time. Also read Google Messages May Soon Let You Edit Texts Like WhatsApp and iMessage

You both get a handy countdown, adding a touch of suspense to your secret exchange. Remember, ninjas and vanishing messages require discretion! Screenshots can still capture disappearing messages before they fade, so use this power wisely.

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