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WhatsApp, the widely used messaging app, is introducing an innovative feature to enhance user experience. According to reports from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out the “search message by date” feature on its desktop version.

This new feature simplifies the process of finding specific messages shared on the app on a particular date. Also read Pakistan Nears $600 Million Loan Deals with Chinese Banks

With this update, users can efficiently navigate their message history by using a convenient date filter. The feature allows users to select a date from the date picker panel, accessible by clicking the calendar button after the update.

This streamlined search functionality is especially beneficial for locating conversations from a specific date or retrieving essential details about past events.

The introduction of the date-based search feature is a significant enhancement, enabling users to save time and avoid frustration caused by scrolling through lengthy chat histories. Read this Saudi Arabia Scholarship is announced for Pakistani Students

This feature proves invaluable for searching non-text messages like voice notes, which can be challenging to retrieve without text transcriptions. Additionally, it aids users in recalling messages when they are uncertain about the exact wording.

While this feature is initially available to select beta testers with the latest version of WhatsApp Web, it will soon be rolled out to more users in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for an improved messaging experience with WhatsApp’s enhanced search functionality!

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