You can log in Multiple WhatsApp accounts on same phone

WhatsApp Introduce New Feature
WhatsApp Introduce New Feature

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Here’s how you can login Multiple WhatsApp accounts on same phone? Recently, WhatsApp has share a report of upcoming feature in WhatsApp. Android phone user can access this feature soon, login multiple accounts on same phone.

On WhatsApp’s official website, WhatsApp guides to use the new feature. According to WhatsApp “Today, we are introducing the ability to have two WhatsApp accounts on same Android phone, it will be more easier to switch multiple accounts one phone”.

You can switch multiple account by entering your SIM Card in your phone, then open your WhatsApp account settings click on the arrow next to your name and click “Add account”. Read also Massive decrease in Steel Rebar Prices

This feature is only work in official WhatsApp, if you are using other fake WhatsApp like, GB WhatsApp, Pink WhatsApp or any then it will not work. Read Now freelancers can receive money from Apple Pay to SadaPay

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