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You must to read write with us policy before sending your article, we accept worldwide content related to news reports, columns, History columns, share all kind of issue for highlighting on social media or internet, we work like news website for the purpose of sharing real and trusted news content online.

News Report

If you are journalist or news report writer that’s good for you, you may want to publish your news reports through an online news platform but you haven’t yet, don’t miss this opportunity write with us we will publish it.

The news report must be follow the our policy:

Keep In Mind

The Article language must be English.

Don’t copy text from any website or other platforms even single word.

Don’t copy the article image, if you have non-copyright image that will be good if not we will use our own.

Don’t write same sentences during writing an article and please avoid to write same information in different paragraph.

Article Writing Policy

Write article which contain minimum 500-700 words.

Define your issue or thought clearly and avoid to add misleading information in article.

Article / News Report must be authentic and trusted, if it will be fake we can’t approve iDon’t t.

Article Title must be unique ( don’t copy from another site).

We will give benefits in future if you write well and stay become permanent writer.

Submit your article on [email protected]

that’s all about write with us policy. for further details you can send us email.

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